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We have successfully brokered trades comprising a combined total of over 15 million cubic metres per annum.

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Cantabrians have been successfully trading here since 2007.

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Trading water permits can be tricky.

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Water permits being traded

To contact us for more details about any of the allocations listed below:

  • Call us on freephone 0508 HYDROTRADER (0508 493-768)
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Trade Number Ground or surface water Zone Trade type L/s m3/year
AG19 Groundwater Ashburton River Sell   41,300
AG21 Groundwater Ashburton River Sell   932,900
AG23 Groundwater Ashburton River Buy   200,000
AG24 Groundwater Ashburton River Buy   45,223
AG25 Groundwater Ashburton River Buy   100,00 to 150,000
AG26 Groundwater Ashburton River Sell   17,081.9
AG27 Groundwater Ashburton River Buy   80,000 to 100,000
AG28 Groundwater Ashburton River Sell   544,217
AL7 Groundwater Ashburton-Lyndhurst Sell   289,394
AL12 Groundwater Ashburton-Lyndhurst Sell   274,375
AL21 Groundwater Ashburton-Lyndhurst Sell   958,289
CH9 Groundwater Chertsey Sell   8,250
CH18 Groundwater Chertsey Sell   1,122,000
CH19 Groundwater Chertsey Sell   448,450
CH20 Groundwater Chertsey Sell   258,850
CW5 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   117,320
CW6 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   201,272
CW7 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   108,420
CW8 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   286,947
CW10 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   127,500
CW12 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   182,960
CW13 Groundwater Christchurch-West Melton Sell   191,060
EY4 Groundwater Eyre Sell   98,323
EY5 Groundwater Eyre Sell   169,330
EY6 Groundwater  Eyre Sell   183,296
EY7 Groundwater Eyre Sell   217,264
EY23 Groundwater Eyre Sell   45,837
EY25 Groundwater Eyre Sell   39,360
EY26 Groundwater Eyre Sell   40,064
EY27 Groundwater Eyre Buy   300,000
LR1 Groundwater Little Rakaia Sell   33,000
LR2 Groundwater Little Rakaia Sell   642,711
LR3 Groundwater Little Rakaia Sell   52,826
MH2 Groundwater Mayfield-Hinds Sell   513,020
MH3 Groundwater Mayfield-Hinds Sell   600,000
OO7 Groundwater  Orari-Opihi Sell   493,400
RR3 Groundwater Rakaia River Sell   129,600
RR5 Surface water Rakaia River Sell   400,000
RR9 Surface water Rakaia River Sell 25 292,903
RR10 Surface water Rakaia River Sell 70 600,000
RR12 Groundwater Rakaia River Sell    
RS50 Groundwater Rakaia-Selwyn Sell   53,057
RS87 Groundwater Rakaia-Selwyn Sell   60,000
RS90 Groundwater Rakaia-Selwyn Sell   105,285
RS91 Groundwater Rakaia-Selwyn Buy   350,000
SR3 Surface water Selwyn River Sell 18.8 to 113 192,569
SW19 Groundwater Selwyn-Waimakariri Buy   525,000
SW47 Groundwater Selwyn-Waimakariri Sell   478,950
SW48 Groundwater Selwyn-Waimakariri Sell   622,050
SW90 Groundwater Selwyn-Waimakariri Sell   21,827
SW109 Groundwater  Selwyn-Waimakariri Sell   17,356
SW116 Groundwater Selwyn-Waimakariri Buy   1,000,000
SW118 Groundwater Selwyn-Waimakariri Buy   1,096,000
VA1 Groundwater Valetta Buy   1,500,000
VA33 Groundwater Valetta Sell   714,750
VA35 Groundwater Valetta Sell   400,000 to 500,000
VA36 Groundwater Valetta Buy   955,000
WA4 Surface water Waiau River Buy 40 to 80   
WA5 Surface water Waiau River Sell 320  
WR2 Surface water Waimakariri River Buy 30 to 60  
WR6 Surface water Waimakariri River Sell 96.5 769,600
WR7 Surface water Waimakariri River Sell 187 1,506,250