General Terms and Conditions

1.      10% Deposit & Seller Success Fee

1.1     Upon the successful auction, tender or brokerage of a water permit for sale or lease, the Buyer or Leasor must pay 10% of the full amount being offered into either an agreed trust account or the HydroTrader bank account.

1.2     The success fee is the rate then currently being advertised on the HydroTrader web-site.

1.3     The success fee shall be payable from the monies on deposit, or direct to HydroTrader, within 10 working days of the transfer application being granted by the Consent Authority.

1.4     If all due processes are followed to secure the transfer of the water permit, and all RMA requirements are met in accordance with the requirements of the Consent Authority, and still consent to the transfer is refused by the Consent Authority, resulting in the termination of the agreement between the seller/leasor and buyer/leasee, then the deposit will be refunded in full.

2.      Disclaimer and Limitation Liability

2.1     HydroTrader does not assume any liability for any loss (direct or indirect) or damage suffered (including any loss of income) by any person whether a Trader or not, as a result of the use of HydroTrader’s services.

2.2     HydroTrader is a forum or facilitation service for the introduction of Buyers to Sellers and does not guarantee the successful completion of any transaction. Buyers and Sellers acknowledge that such transactions will invariably be subject to matters beyond HydroTrader’s control and may also be subject to any special conditions contained in a Trader Agreement.

2.3     While HydroTrader shall attempt to validate and check from public records all information provided by their Traders, HydroTrader shall not assume responsibility for any inaccurate or misleading information that has been provided to it.