About us

HydroTrader is a New Zealand company that has been set up to make the trading of water permit allocations easy, anywhere in the country.

While the trading of water permit allocations has been possible since the introduction of the Resource Management Act in 1991, the number of permits to have changed hands has been limited because there hasn’t been an easy way for buyers and sellers to get in touch with one another.

That has now changed with the founding of HydroTrader, a company of experienced and trustworthy local experts who can be trusted to deliver a secure and user-friendly trading experience. 

The founding directors of HydroTrader are:


Dr Anthony Davoren – Managing Director

Tony is a recognised expert in irrigation management, soil moisture monitoring, and surface water resources, with 28 years experience in these fields.  Through his company HydroServices, he and his team carry out soil moisture monitoring throughout the country, as well as providing expert advice to agencies and individuals internationally.

Tony has an MSc (University of Waikato) in Earth Sciences, and a Ph.D. (Washington State University) in Engineering Science. However, it is his practical no-nonsense approach to solving his clients’ problems and boosting production that has seen the demand for his services grow significantly since starting HydroServices in 1983.      


Gus Walkden – Business and Marketing Director

Gus is a professional business consultant with a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) obtained from Canterbury University in 1997.  Since then Gus has developed a wealth of experience in general business management, marketing, sales, operations management and project management within a range of large and small businesses.  Gus’ passion has always been to help small business owners develop their business growth potential, and has been teaching these topics to students of the Bachelor of Applied Management business degree at Ara Institute of Technology since 2012.



Warwick Pascoe – Technical Director

Warwick graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a couple of degrees in geology, following which he spent seven years overseas as an exploration geologist.  Upon returning home he settled in Canterbury where he worked for nine years at Environment Canterbury as a consents planner and team leader, before founding his own environmental consultancy ADAM Environmental Ltd in 2005.  The following year he founded HydroTrader Ltd with Tony and Gus.  Warwick now works as a Principal Project Lead for Auckland Council on major infrastructure projects such as the City Rail Link, while in his spare time he provides advice on resource management matters and all aspects of permit trading for HydroTrader.